What Should You Expect From Your Attorney?

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Hiring an Attorney is a serious business, whether it's because you need a Workers Comp Attorney or for another legal issue. People only hire an attorney when it's very important to them. What should a client expect from their attorney?


Of course, a lawyer should always be completely truthful with the client. However, complete honesty is a mutual obligation. Attorney/client privilege exists so that a client can be truthful with their attorney. Knowing all the facts, even if you'd rather not disclose them, is the only way any attorney can do the best job for you.


Lack of communication is the #1 complaint that unhappy clients have about their lawyers. A prospective client can, and should, ask how communication with the office is handled. Who will be the primary point of contact?

Even when a client has that information, are there any clues a prospective client can gather about the attorney's attitude on sharing information? Yes.

Does the attorney have a website?

How informative is the website? If the website provides useful information, this is an indication that the attorney believes in educating and communicating with clients.

For example, Vernon, CT attorney Brian Pucker recently launched a new website with the help of Web Services CT in order to make legal services more accessible. It only takes a few moments for someone to determine whether this attorney offers the services that are needed. He gives interested parties "Fast Facts" about different legal areas they may have an interest in, such as workers' comp, personal injury or social security.


All attorneys passed their bar examination, so why should competency be an issue? When someone hires an attorney, the client doesn't care how skilled the attorney is in an area that has no bearing on their own case. An attorney could be the leading expert in marine law, for example, but have never handled a workers' comp case. Competency is directly related to how knowledgeable the attorney is in the area the client cares about the most.

Some attorneys handle many different types of cases, ranging from divorce to criminal defense to bankruptcy and real estate matters. Other attorneys focus on two or three legal areas. It's similar to choosing a surgeon. If you needed brain surgery, you'd want someone who has done a lot of brain operations, not a surgeon who focused on hip replacements. No one can be an expert at everything.


There is no one-size-fits-all fee structure for attorneys. Any prospective client should discuss fees, extra charges and related matters up front. Make sure you understand the arrangement. If fees are posted on the website, that simplifies it for the client.

Brian Prucker has more than 30 years' experience as a Workers Compensation Attorney and with Social Security and personal injury cases. He is dedicated to the recovery of injured people and their families. Mr. Prucker does not represent any insurance companies or government agencies. To request a free consultation, visit https://www.connecticutlegalattorney.com/workers-compensation-attorney-ct/ or call 1-866-DAMAGE4.